Recommended Reading:

Tough Guys and Drama Queens by Mark Gregston
This book promises to help parents see that their success has little to do with either the validity of their words or their intent as the messengers. It’s more about how parents approach their child, how they present a path through the jungle of negative influences, and how they engage with their child should they succumb to or become curious with the offerings of the world. Written from the crucible of experience, Tough Guys and Drama Queens was written to be the book that gives answers to the questions that parents are asking. It’s the voice of a reassuring friend who comes along side and prepares them for the bumpy ride. It’s the wise perspective that works.
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The Grown Up’s Guide to Teenage Humans by Josh Shipp.
Stressing the need for mutual respect, trust, and encouragement, he identifies three key mindsets crucial to understanding teens. He breaks down the distinct phases of teenage life, examines the challenges at each phase, and offers revelatory stories that take us deep inside the teen brain.
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When Your Teen is Struggling by Mark Gregston
There’s a fine line between a struggle and a crisis—and you don’t want to cross it. Be proactive in your parenting with When Your Teen is Struggling, which has been updated and expanded based on today’s culture and the issues parents and teens are dealing with right now.
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Parenting Teens in a Confusing Culture by Mark Gregston
Finally, Mark shares practical answers to 32 of the toughest questions most asked by parents of teenagers. Got a teenager? Get the help you need! Mark offers solid help and practical wisdom on how to approach teens caught up in our confusing culture. He writes based on 40 years counseling and mentoring thousands of struggling teens.
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What’s Happening to my Teen by Mark Gregston
More often than not, teens who behave inappropriately are not rebelling; they’re just responding the best way they know how to life’s challenges.
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Prayers For My Teen by Mark Gregston
Parents of struggling teens know how to pray for their teen. Each one-page, heartfelt prayer in this book includes a verse of Scripture and focuses on an important issue for families in crisis. Parents will be empowered to pray with purpose, hope, and understanding as they pour out their hearts to God, maintain a perspective based on confidence and faith, and entrust their teens to His loving care.
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Stepping Stones II  by Mark Gregston
Mark’s  gift sized book “Stepping Stones II – Wisdom and Encouragement for Your Parenting Journey”   is a collection of thoughts and comments, all bringing a message of hope to parents and grandparents alike.
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Leaving a Legacy of Hope by Mark Gregston
Parents influence. Grandparents leave a legacy. What will you be remembered for by your grandchildren? Teens today are stuffed with information, yet starving for wisdom. They act distant, but the truth is, they need you now more than ever. You have a place in their lives—your gray hair, your wisdom, your relationship, your involvement in their lives to help counter the contrary influence in today’s teen culture. They need you to touch their hearts, even if their behavior hurts your heart. Your life can transform their life and change the destiny of your family!
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Parenting Today’s Teens Devotional by Mark Gregston
This devotional helps parents maintain a biblical perspective as they face some of life’s most heart-wrenching challenges.
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