Resources in our Community

  • Rebound of Whatcom County: At Rebound, we work with families who are trying to recover and rebuild after experiencing the devastating effects of trauma. They offer parenting Enrichment classes for families that are facing difficult life circumstances and parents looking to develop family building skills as well as many other services.
  • The Firs: They offer a multiplicity of services including after school and summer camps. One of our Sponsors!
  • Be the One: A mentor program for kids. Every student needs a caring adult in their life to listen to them, believe in them, and to dream with them.
  • Mike & Kim Coaching: This local couple specialize in
  • helping blended or step families negotiate their special challenges. 

  • Preserve and Support: We know that adoption and foster care can be beautiful, hopeful and life shaping. We also know that caring for children who have experienced early trauma can be exhausting, confounding and just plain hard. Contact: