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Up coming Parenting Conference

Does this feel like your family? We were there. Out of ideas, patience and time. Our daughter was spiraling down quickly. Something needed to change. We decided it was us. Our parenting methods were not working. Mark helped us create a new dynamic in our home and a fresh start. We are bringing Mark Gregston to Lynden for a two day event! Parents and Grandparents, you can not miss this opportunity to learn from one of America’s experts on raising Teens. This culture is without question the most challenging time to raise kids. Come learn new tools to help your teen thrive. I encourage you to attend both opportunities to hear Mark Gregston in February at NCCTK Lynden, WA. 

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“Some think that teens are rebellious, but we know otherwise. Teens are lost. They’re lost in a culture consumed with value determined by appearance and performance that appeals to a teen’s longing to be connected with others. And parents are equally lost, and sometimes just as confused, realizing that the tools in their parenting toolbox have become antiquated and ineffective. They don’t know how to counter the influence today’s teen culture is having on their child. Confusion enters and hope for a better future evaporates as parents see their teens choosing mindsets, behaviors, and beliefs outside their traditional values.” Mark Gregston